Our chorus was organised in 1986 and named after Bárdos Lajos .

The "Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" was based on our chorus.


The festival Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos  presente itself as a musical event of national character but of European level,

the idea of wich was supported also by Professor Bárdos Lajos .


The Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos is always organised by our chorus and we take part in the festival, too.


Our repertory consists of a comprehensive music from church, secular music up to the present time

and also Hungarian composer’s works, first of all Bárdos Lajos’s and Kodály Zoltán’s compositions.


In the past years we gave concerts in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Luxemburg and Transilvania.


The European Bárdos Lajos Choir Festival has been held three times in several European countries.

They were organised by our chorus and we also took part in the festivals.


The chorus was based by its conductor, Tünde Kempelen