Lajos BÁRDOS was born on October 1, 1899 and died on November 18, 1986. He was a choir director, teacher and musicologist of great impact, the professor at the Liszt Ferenc Acedemy of Music, composer and the founder of a school of music theory in Hungary.


The international festival "Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" presents itself as a musical event of national character the idea of which was supported also by Professor Bárdos Lajos. The period between the end of April and the beginning of June has been regularly devoted to the festival since 1977.


The "Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" demonstrates the development of our public education and gives a comprehensive view about the musical life of Hungary in relation to European culture embracing vocal and instrumental music from church, secular music up to folklore from the bygone days up to the present time.


The festival "Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" based on our choral culture, offers the possibility to choir-leaders and music masters of extension training but it also promotes the organization of series of lectures in the field of music and affords the opportunity to de­monstrate the attendant arts as well. More than

100 000 singers par­ti­cipated at the concerts given in the past years whereto the choirs of 16 countries — England, Belgium, France, Greece, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania as well as Transylvania and Sub-Carpatia were invited.


The festival "Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" is not for competition but is the feast of ensembles making music at high level and of those who take delight in listening to it.


Since 1990 we have been acting in the form of the "Foundation for the Education of the Youth and Choirs Musical Weeks Bárdos Lajos" with the "Bárdos Lajos Kamarakórus" representing our basic choir.